About Us

Who are we?

We are the pet lovers, one from those crazy category.

Petaholics Club?

You can't see an animal in pain?
You expect all your donations to be used on animal's welfare?
You coax stray so you can pet them?
You talk to your pets more than to humans?
Your friends know whom to call when they see a stray in need?
Your phone book is full of veterinarians?
Your house is referred to as a "Zoo"?

What made us start this?

We have seen many websites dedicated to pets supplies, but we were never felt connected with them. We wanted to start something that will connect people just like us "The Petaholics". Starting an Apparel and pet product supplier company was a way for us to start connecting with people just like us and start raising some fund for the NGOs.

What's in there for you?

We are offering products so unique and of high quality which are either sold too expensive in India or not available at all. 
We also sell printed apparels dedicated to our pets. Designs so unique which will shout out your thoughts on the face of a reader.